Montreal Newspaper Building Gets a Revamp as Le Westin Montreal

Le Westin Montreal. Image courtesy of

Le Westin Montreal. Image courtesy of

Out with the old, in with the new! Montreal has a new luxury hotel in one of the strangest places: the former Montreal Gazette and Montreal Star building.

This historic edifice is now home to Le Westin Montreal. With valet parking and an entrance fit for a palace, the Westin brings a new meaning to golden slumbers. It’s on the trendy St. Antoine Street in Old Montreal, this is a must for tourists and locals alike.

The design-minds behind this hotel de jour are Gilla Geiger and Eriic Huot, from architecture firm Geiger-Huot. Both are graduates from of McGill’s architecture school and Montreal natives. So they know what the city wants and needs, and we agree with them!

The 450 rooms in this particular swanky hotel, well, kick ass. Although the Westin rooms’ “Heavenly Beds” sound nice enough, the Brazilian combed cotton bath sheets and custom-designed velour bathrobes tickle our fancy even more.

Plus, each room has wireless Internet access, LCD high definition TVs, ergonomic chairs for you and your favourite bottle of vino, 24-hour room service and a complimentary newspaper to keep you in the loop– even if all you read is the horoscope section. And hey, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, the club lounge and Westin Workout rooms aren’t too shabby either. As of December 2009, Le Westin Montreal will also feature a big ole spa, complete with 15 spa services and a glass-bottomed pool.

In terms of good grub, the hotel restaurant, named ‘The Gazette’ (how apropos!) and appetizer/cocktail bar, ‘The Reporter’ are perfect perching and grazing spots.

Plus, if you’re cold weather-phobic, don’t fret! The Westin Montreal is connected to the Underground Path, which will take you to all of the nearest attractions in a snowstorm pinch.

In our eyes, Montreal can do no wrong, and it looks like Le Westin has arrived juste à l’heure for the summer to draw more tourism and activity to the already bustling metropolis.

Things to do and see near Le Westin Montreal:


–       Oboro

–       Gallerie Graff

–       Articule Incorpore


–       Milles Feuilles

–       Boutique Isabelle Elie

–       Boutique Safran


–       Whiskey Café

–       Bar Tapas Taza Flores

–       L’Hemisphère Gauche

-Cora Nijhawan

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