All That Glimmers is… Halston?

Halston 'Paillette Tank Dress', Image courtesy of

Halston 'Paillette Tank Dress', Image courtesy of

Hello, hot dress. Design house Halston has always been a front-runner for ‘70s-inspired jumpsuits and billowing candy-coloured silk and jersey dresses, but it’s certainly turned it up a notch in recent years. While Halston was most well known for their Hamptons-worthy threads in the ‘80s, in recent years creative minds such as former Versace designer Marco Zanini have made Halston a traffic-stopping label for all of your millennial fashion demands.

This season was no exception with the Paillette Tank Dress. This shimmering, multi-toned mini in metallic, deep purples, cool pinks, and a summer ’09 favourite: seafoam, is potentially also laced with unicorns and sunshine. Or at least you’d hope so, for the price tag of $2,995 (which sounds so much better than $3,000, right?). Is it totally unreasonable to abandon all financial responsibilities for a few months to buy a dress? Oh, perchance to dream.

While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, twinkling paillettes come damn close to second place. The description of the dress on includes some favourite words: ‘pure silk’, ‘scoop neck’, ‘racerback’ and ‘imported’. If Cinderella had attended the 2009 Met Gala, we’re sure this is what she’d have in mind, paired with some sky-high Louboutins, Prince Charming in tow.

Although this swatch of (incredibly cut, masterfully crafted, beautifully finished) cloth may cost more than a year’s worth of groceries, 512 beers, 36 cut and styles, 6 round-trips to Paris, or 1,333 rides on the subway, a girl can fantasize, right?

-Cora Nijhawan


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