Wintour in The September Issue

“Fashion’s not about looking back, it’s about looking forward,” says Anna Wintour.

We are ALL looking forward to “The September Issue” the documentary taking an inside look at the American Vogue offices and the daily life of Anna Wintour.

A reviewer at The Telegraph noted “It riveting and brilliant film that makes The Devil Wear’s Prada look like an episode of the Care Bears!”

We have to say, that makes us want to see it even more! The film drops in the USA August 28, 2009.

R.J. Cutler’s documentary brings us right into the production of the September 2008 issue with Sienna Miller on the cover. It was the biggest issue ever at almost 5 lb, 840 pages, 727 of which were ads. Shocking isn’t it?!

Finally we are introduced to the people who made it all happen. We’re invited to sit in on photo shoots in Rome with Mario Testino, collection previews at Oscar De La Renta and into the mother of all magazines’ headquarters.

You would think that this would be enough to satisfy us but we all know that it’s really about Wintour herself.  Oh the drama!

She is revered as the Queen of the $300 billion global fashion industry and with one blunt comment or a silent stare she decides what is “in” and what is “out” even if that means chucking a $50,000 photo shoot in the dumpster.

Although she is better known for her strong silence, in a few one-on-one interviews a hard surfaced yet soft centered woman emerges that crushes any belief that she’s chilled straight to the bone. It’s this juicy introspection of herself that we all really want to observe.

We want to know the woman behind the mask, er, sunglasses.

Well the signature sunglasses are off and we’re dying to catch a candid glimpse of the infamously evil Editor-in-Chief. But maybe wear a jacket, we have a feeling the stare is going to be cold.

-Brittany Maguire


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2 responses to “Wintour in The September Issue

  1. Excellent article! *****

  2. BetteD

    thanks britt, cannot wait for this!

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