Coco Before Chanel

The movers and shakers of the fashion industry are some of the hottest topics for upcoming flicks this fall. 
Following’s blog on the upcoming Anna Wintour documentary, we are now excited to report that Coco Chanel’s life is coming to the big screen. The ever-adorable and plucky Audrey Tautou will take the lead in  ‘Coco Before Chanel,’ which opens September 25, 2009. The film focuses on Coco Chanel, and how she achieved her phenomenal influence on the fashion industry and her life leading up to it.
The trailer looks promising: romantic, intriguing, fun, and rife with couture. Tautou plays a French-crooning, mysterious and fun-loving Chanel, supported by the likes of Alessandro Nivola and Emmanuelle Devos. 
Tautou commands the role of Madame Chanel with a fiery and touching performance. Viewers will truly feel they are watching the incedible life of Coco Chanel; rife with twists of fate and chance encounters as accounted by director Anne Fontaine in the not-to-be-missed film. Not that we need another reason to love Chanel.
Tautou was also was named the spokesperson for Chanel No. 5 in May 2008, not a bad job on casting guys! 
Have a look at the trailer for the ‘Coco Before Chanel’ as well as the romantic short film-commercial for No. 5 below.

-Cora Nijhawan


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