C’est La Vie, Lauralaura

images from kabiri.com

images from kabiri.com

Emerging jewellery and knitwear designer Laura Hearn has introduced her vintage inspired accessory line and she is hocking her wares at Kabiri. Not so many moons ago Hearn was selling t-shirts, bed linen and soap, and after seeing her darling first collection we think this is a more fitting vocation. Lauralaura,the name of her new label, screams inspiration from her adoration of flea markets and car boot sales—trunk sales for the non-Brits.

image from lauralaura.net

image from lauralaura.net

These handcrafted accessories include beautiful vintage button earrings and bracelets wrapped in colorful one-of-a-kind fabrics. Lauralaura also includes vintage wool clothing pieces—but the magic really happens with her hand embroidery, which shares her lastest thoughts and feelings. C’est la Vie, I am a Secret and If You Please are only some of the quirky sayings that can be found on Hearn’s creations. On the Quite Charming crew neck cardigans, Hearn uses her background in graphic design to demonstrate “a whimiscal chain of charms” which can be found embroidered around the neck.

-Kenia Avendano


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