Little Big: Petros Chrisostomou

Galacta Image from--
Galacta Image from–

Who says shoes belong in a closet? Installation artist Petros Chrisostomou is the last person to believe that objects should stay in their typical environment.
Chrisostomou’s most recent series of photographs, ‘Shoe Giants’, marks his breakthrough into the art and fashion scene. The collection features—you may have guessed—giant shoes.

In a rainbow of patents and leathers, these enormous shoes are carefully arranged to fit their well thought out cheeky names. Strappy purple shoes, one inside of the other are entitled ‘Gimp’. Silver platform stilettos attached at the soles are called “Galacta”. The naughtiest of the bunch, are two pairs of metallic blue heels piled on top of each other, given the name “Orgy.

Gimp-- Image from

Gimp-- Image from

Orgy--Image from
Orgy–Image from

Chrisostomou takes everyday objects likes eggs, pens, pennies, generally whatever is about, and changes the context of the items by photographing them in unexpected environments. Chrisostomou manipulates the scale of the object to make it absurdly large and almost comical. These images work to confuse the mind and play with the concepts of absolute versus imaginary.

Wasted Youth--Image from

Wasted Youth--Image from

In an interview with Yatzer, he says he began his current practice of photographing his sculptures when he realized that they “would usually deteriorate or be left in the space that they were made for and the only way I had for holding on to their existence was by documentation”.

–Madelyne Beckles


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