Prada’s Great Outdoors

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Prada’s Fall 09 collection stayed true to mastermind Miuccia Prada’s vision of representing “Sport and the outdoors in general—freedom and nature.” This is the perfect description of the collection as the incredibly structured garments are presented in the richest of colours, while keeping the outdoorsy feel with fabrics such as wools, leathers and furs

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Wool suits, dresses and trenches came down the runway in charcoals, browns and maroons, paired with fisherman boots. Fur showed up unexpectedly in dresses, tops and skirts for a luxe, but almost primitive look. Leather was used almost like silk in a series of flapper dresses donning intricate beadwork. Leave it to Prada to bring all the elements of fall into season—but in the most elegant way possible of course.

Prada’s fall look book came complete with surrealist images of trees, clouds, familiar forest creatures and landscapes. All accompanied by doodles, collages and diagrams, just for fun.

–Madelyne Beckles

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