Re-do with Clements Ribeiro

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Reduce, reuse, and recycle comes to the catwalk. Husband and wife team Inacio Ribeiro and Suzanne Clements’ newest capsule line for Fall 2009, ‘Clements Ribeiro #3’, mixes textures, colours and prints from leftover scraps of couture cloth to achieve a line that is anything but kitschy. Creating simple (read: classic) lines and shapes may be the name of their game, but the bead and embroidery intricacies, electric blue hues and glossy patterned knee-length skirts make this line ravishing.

Ribeiro’s driving credo behind the line is one to get behind. “We recycled old buttons, lace, threads – really anything that we found to be worthwhile. Why let all that beauty and craftsmanship go to waste?” Ribeiro told

After leaving Cacharel in 2007 where they were artistic directors for seven years, the pair have been laying low, putting out limited collections for Couture Lab and Net-a-Porter. To their loyal fans, ‘Clements Ribeiro #3’ is a lovely surprise full of bold pieces that will surely make fall a little less chilly this year.

-Cora Nijhawan


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