Erwin Zwiers: Pail and Shovel Not Included

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When you think of sitting in a waiting room, the first word that comes to mind is probably not “enjoyable”. But that’s probably because your dentist doesn’t have Erwin Zwiers’ new Claytable. The Pepto-Bismol pink malleable table is being marketed towards waiting rooms and residential settings alike. The Claytable is just what you would think it is, a table made out of clay that allows for hours of endless fun and tinkering about. Zwiers created the tabletop to mimic sand and uses it as a metaphor for life being full of marks and movement.

Sounds kind of deep, doesn’t it? But really it’s just out-and-out fun. Kneading, sculpting, and shaping, you name it, you can do it. Forget reading outdated copies of Reader’s Digest at the doc’s office, we want to play with bright pink fun.

You don’t need to have a kid to have an excuse to play with the Claytable – the design was created with both children and adults in mind. This piece follows closely to Zwiers’ last collection: Leave Your Mark Behind. A collection of sand-filled cushions on chairs and tables with a similar message of leaving your impression on the furniture you use on a daily basis.

-Cora Nijhawan


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