Knock Knock, it’s Todd Selby

Sally Singer at home in the Chelsea Hotel, Image from
Sally Singer at home in the Chelsea Hotel, image from

Are you one of those nosy people, who peeks into neighbors windows while strolling down your street? Come on, you can admit it—we’re all friends here. And better still photographer Todd Selby has given us the opportunity to peek into the lives of basically everyone we envy with his ever popular voyeuristic website The Selby. He lets us into the homes and lives of the young and stylish folk in the arts and fashion scenes in New York, L.A, and London to name a few.

“I wanted do something where I could look at the people’s houses and their surroundings and possessions and pictures of them, and try to tell more of a story,” said Selby to New York Magazine. Selby has definitely succeeded. In the click of a mouse, you can see into the lives of fashion icons like Vogue’s Sally Singer, you can lurk around Alexander Wang’s studio, and drool over Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s amazing shoe closet.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Image from
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, image from
Restoin-Roitfeld's shoes, Image from
Restoin-Roitfeld’s shoes, image from

Not only is Selby a talented photographer, but he also includes his own watercolours of his subjects on his website. These paintings have recently developed into a book that is available in Collete in Paris and online.

The Selby is the perfect answer for the voyageur within all of us. We can’t help going back for more. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure that we don’t really have to feel guilty about. Go ahead, take a peak, we know you want to.

–Madelyne Beckles

Alexander Wang, image from
Alexander Wang, image from
Alexander Wang, image from

Alexander Wang, image from


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