Make It Rain with Rain Machine

Kyp Malone, image from

Kyp Malone, image from

TV on the Radio’s guitarist/singer Kyp Malone has a new solo project: Rain Machine. It has all been a bit hush-hush, but, with the first single ‘Give Blood’ just released and the album coming out September 22, 2009, it will be well worth the wait! ‘Give Blood’ has a blues-y garage band feel, an essence of TV on the Radio and a hell of a lot of cowbell that makes you want to get up and dance.  Malone’s soft soothing voice mixed with his grungy guitar riffs are a fresh spin on experimental rock as we know it.

Malone tells Anti that the album is “a really full spectrum of frequencies audible to the human ear, a reflection of a variety of emotions and situations real and imagined – some rhythm some rhyme.”  Sounds like just the thing to get us grooving into fall.

–Madelyne Beckles

Rain Machine album cover, image from

Rain Machine album cover, artwork by Kyp Malone. Image from


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