ORB Bluetooth Headset = On-hand Gadgets

Image from geek.com

Image from geek.com

Forget diamonds, technology is a girl’s best friend! Hybra Advance Technology and AbsolutelyNew have teamed up to give you the most useful accessory you’ll ever have.

The ORB Bluetooth Headset, available in January 2010, sits outside your ear when in use and folds neatly into a ring that you can wear around your finger when you don’t need to be hooked up. Just remember to take this tiny piece of technology off before you wash your hands!

The ORB uses class 2 Bluetooth, meaning your bluetooth will work within 30 feet of your personal device. Included in this sweet little piece is a FOLED – Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode – screen which keeps services like caller ID and calendar reminders accessible. ORB also offers voice-to-text technology so that you don’t need to take the ring off to keep in touch. A lust-worthy gadget? We think yes.

-Cora Nijhawan

Image from gizmodo.com

Image from gizmodo.com


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