Shoot Me, Rankin!

Jude Law. Image from

Jude Law. Image from

What do Vivienne Westwood, Jude Law, The White Stripes, Thom Yorke and Cate Blanchett all have in common? They have all been shot by Rankin and will appear in his latest exhibition, Rankin Live!

Rankin Live! is a large-scale retrospective of Rankin’s life and work will be showing at Truman Brewery from July 31, 2009 to September 18, 2009. The show will command a space that is 22,000-square-feet, and will be his first in the UK.

It is a must-see.

The show is divided into two parts, one featuring more than 600 images by the famed shooter, some of which will me making their debut at the exhibit. Raunchy Playboy cover images will run alongside early-hay-day Kate Moss shots and striking images of political figures like Tony Blair and Mikhail Gorbachev. Needless to say, the show will be mind-blowing, and we only wish we could be there.

The second part of the retrospective—Shoot Me, Rankin!—will be a portrait display of 1,000 everyday-folk who get to take part in 15-minute photo shoots with Rankin. The best part of the deal, the photographs will be immediately part of the show and in constant rotation as they hung up right there and then.

“This project is about investing people with a sense of empowerment that springs from inside themselves. I don’t want to be beautifying England, but showing that anyone can be beautiful if they can trust themselves to be,” Rankin commented to

Rankin is one of those shooters young photogs want to be and old photogs only wish they were. His work is up there with the best: and by best we are talking Richard Avedon and David Bailey, and Mario Testino.

Like we said young photogs want to be this guy, but since no one can be, we can all just enjoy the splendor of his work.

Whether his photographs are of the Queen or The Sundays, for the cover of VOGUE or Q, Rankin’s images are seductive, cunning, and dramatic – just the way we like it. 

-Cora Nijhawan

Playboy cover. Image from

Playboy cover. Image from

Tony Blair. Image from

Tony Blair. Image from

Dazed & Confused cover. Image from

Dazed & Confused cover. Image from


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