Sarah Sophie Flicker: Cabaret Junkie

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When it comes to Sarah Sophie Flicker, one really can’t say enough. Actually, we quite honestly don’t know where to begin.

This choreographer slash trapeze artist slash filmmaker has not only become a style icon, but one of political statement and artistic triumph. Her cabaret dance troupe, Citizens Band, teem with shock value, but not for the kind of thing you’d expect from a burlesque flock. Rather than filling their shows with merely provocative dancing and sexual charge, the shows are structured around an oft political-driven plot. Their latest tackled topic? The recession, naturalement.

Sarah Sophie Flicker has worked with the likes of Karen Elson and Nina Persson, but her notoriety spans further than the talented artists she chooses to surround herself with. Flicker is innovative in her thinking, ambitious in her undertaking, and lest we forget, brimming with chutzpah

The band’s sixth show, The Panic is On, takes place in a bomb shelter, revolving around a metaphor for what Flicker believes has become of American society. 

”It sort of came about as a general metaphor for where we are as a country, for all of us feeling trapped and stifled,” Flicker said to

Past shows include Masquerading in Paradise, Chewing Up the Scenery, and No New Thing Under the Sun. Each is a spectacle to say the least, filled with coquettish dancing, fervent musical pieces, and plenty of good ole fashioned fun.

Citizens Band has won the acclaim of New York Times Magazine, Nylon, Vogue, Interview, and Harper’s, just to name a mere few. And hey, let’s face it, what more could a girl ask for than adoring reviews from those mags? Well of course a glowing review from us, and now she has it.

-Cora Nijhawan

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