No Boundaries; Rad Hourani F/W 09-10 Collection 4

Rad Hourani envisions a world in which there are no seasons, there is no gender and time is without tradition.

His latest, F/W 09-10 Collection 4 is exactly what we can expect from this young designer. Dedicated to his “no boundaries” approach to fashion, Hourani has created a line free of limits.

Angular silhouettes beget a neither masculine nor feminine shadowy frame.  Slim legs and long, boxy bodies appeal to any fashion lover, no matter age or sex.

He shows diverseness in his strict black and navy palette mixing matte black with satins and leather. Hourani’s accents of silver and metallic patches give his designs an almost robot-like appeal despite his commitment to creating timeless pieces. His precise tailoring and layering techniques provide the garments with depth and the look of luxury.

Luxury doesn’t come cheap.

After his first collection in Paris, Hourani’s dark duds were picked up by high-end Canadian department store Holt Renfrew and was deemed one of the top ten contenders by none other than

Hourani escaped the compass of showing his collection in Montreal saying to The Gazette (Montreal) “I love Montreal but I don’t believe in fashion here. There is no culture of fashion. People don’t care.”

He set his sights on the big stages of the fashion world, traveling between Paris and New York gathering inspiration from the cities where fashion oozes from every outlet.  Hourani’s decision to leave Montreal behind has proven itself a wise sacrifice.

Hourani has proven that black can always be reinvented and that Paris is still the Mecca of Modern Design.

-Brittany Maguire


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