The Great Pyramid: All For The Mountain

Carly Margolis, designer for Cavern Home is known for her screen-printed black bird wallpaper. But, she has recently made a switched over to jewellery design.  Her new brand All For The Mountain has become a favourite to ladies in the know, like Erin Wasson, who wears one of Margolis’s necklaces as a signature piece.

Erin Wasson, image from

Erin Wasson, image from

The line is all hand carved by Margolis herself and then cast in bronze. All of the designs are tied together with a pyramid shape that dangles off long necklaces, chokers, anklets and hand chains. The pieces are feminine and delicate but have a bit of an edge for those of us who don’t want to feel too pretty.

Don’t think Margolis has forgotten about her love for interior design, All For The Mountain is going to start producing home furnishings in the near future. Soon All For The Mountain will best of both worlds.

-Madelyne Beckles


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