Architecture and Vision Present: A New Hope for Mobile Homes

Vacationing in Venice has never felt so at home, that is, if you live in a space pod from a Star Wars flick.

The innovative minds of Architecture and Vision have designed a pod-like mobile living room to be unveiled at the 53rd Art Exhibition, Biennale of Venice, on San Servolo Island for September 2, 2009.

The MercuryHouseOne is modern mobile home that can be easily moved from the city-to-city, or countryside to mountainside.

Designed and inspired with nature in mind, the mod-pod resembles a water drop. The doubled curve shape is made from ultra light white Carrara marble—which is backlit at night to draw attention to the curvy shell.

The interior layout can be repositioned to adapt to personal living style. The mobile living room is outfitted with the latest lighting, video, and sound technologies—just in case you want to catch the latest blockbuster while parked in the Marienplatz in Munich. Yeah right, but maybe you might want to pump the Mozart?

The unit is powered by a strip of solar panels on the roof—which, if you ask us, adds to the futuristic aesthetic and the compact home is entirely energetically autonomous.

The design team of Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler at Architecture and Vision had their concept picked up by the Italian company GVM of Gualtiero Vanelli in Carrara. Together they have created a mobile home with sophistication, and luxury.

On September 2, 2009 the MercuryHouseOne will become one with the scenic Venetian Lagoon next stop, a galaxy far, far away.

-Brittany Maguire


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