Couch Surfing Be Gone: Elvine’s Creator’s Inn

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Cheeky Swedish clothing line Elvine has come up with a creative idea to shake the hospitality industry as we know it: a free hotel suite.

Yes, free, but before you hop a plane, there is a catch. Creator’s Inn is only open for a limited time—August 1, 2009 to September 18, 2009 to be exact. Another little wee bit of catch is that the room is reserved exclusively for those who work in the creative industry.

The suite is in the Creator’s Inn is housed in the über stylish Scandic Malmen luxury hotel in Stockholm.

A few features worthy of note are the nature-inspired interior décor—brightly lit desks, light pine hardwood flooring and furniture and towering fauna make your stay as creative as your work. The spacious desk is covered in a layer of cork, where guests can literally tack down their creative energy to keep them on track.

If you need some space to spread out your blueprints, move into the library area, which can comfortably fit five people (or two and a rolling rack) for a brainstorming session.

The living room area is up-to-the-minute to say the least, with a black leather couch to sink into after a long day at your iMac. Art-deco printed rugs and a mural-sized wall map of Stockholm also adorn the room, and lets guests mark their favourite hot spots in the famed city.

Time to unwind? Head into the spa-style leafy washroom where the hefty sliding glass shower doors are printed with the history of Elvine, a sporty clothing company with the tagline, “Sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour.”

And when it comes to exploring all that Stockholm has to offer, Creator’s Inn offers a customized Elvine fixed-gear bike for your cruising pleasure.

-Cora Nijhawan

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