Saretta of London: Silver Bouquet

From all those rainy days in the UK, buds some pretty beautiful horticulture.

And we’re not talking plants.

Saretta of London Bespoke and Limited Edition Jewelry strive to do something different in jewelry design. The latest collection draws inspiration from the ground and the delicate botanicals that grow from it.

The Floral Collection captures the movement and texture of nature’s most beautiful accessory, flowers of course.

The founder and Creative Director Sarah Bond handcrafts the flowers using the lost-wax technique. She carves and moulds the wax into lifelike blossoms, and then casts them into ethically certified sterling silver, 10 or 18 carat gold.

Bond is actively involved in art-lead jewelry design and challenges the industry to stop ignoring ethical and human rights issues that are a major part of production in the trade.

The collection turns orchids and roses into pendants, broaches and rings, so you can pick a little piece of nature on a guilt-free conscious.

If a little precipitation can create a golden orchid or a daisy chain then all we can say is, let it rain.

-Brittany Maguire


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One response to “Saretta of London: Silver Bouquet

  1. BetteD

    these are so beautiful!

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