Finsk-y Feet

Julia Lundsten creator of Finsk shoes wants you to put a little nature into your step.

 But it’s not what you think. Finsk shoes don’t have any of the hippie/Birkenstock/Teva aesthetics that may flood your mind when you think natural footwear. Nope, Finsk shoes are architectural, beautiful and dead sexy—they just use ecologically smart materials like salmon-skin leather and reclaimed Birch wood.

Lundsten creates a contrast when she integrates Brazilian wood into the design—nature is one of her biggest inspirations. She uses earthy colours and textures, aswell as organic shapes.

 Asymmetrical wedges, pumps with triangular two-toned wood heels, and booties with jagged wooden platforms that is the design aesthetic of Finsk, not your average shoes and for that we say thank you. .

Lundsten creates shoes that are intriguing and fresh. Manolo Blahnik himself told W magazine that her shoes are “exquisite, divine and perfect”.

–Madelyne Beckles


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