Hell Yeah…Yeah…Yeah!!

Karen O, oh how we swoon for you! Your staccato dance moves, your coy smiles and of course, your haunting voice that gets inside our heads. Yes, yes, yes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ latest album—It’s Blitz —is full of tracks that will make you ‘dance, dance, dance ‘till your dead.’ And we have to say we love it. But, better than the album is the show.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are currently on tour and just stopped off in Toronto for two shows on August 4 and 5, 2009 that had fans dancing and screaming alongside the ever-charismatic Karen O.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have a special bond with Toronto and Toronto with them. The energy was tangible as the Koolhaus vibrated with excitement and Karen O was right in the moment.

She broke into broad smiles and danced like she meant it. And of course Ms. Karen O was dressed to impress, her theatrical outfits are always an integral part of the show, as is the confetti of white tissue and metallic red paper that spurts out over her and her adoring fans, oh and let’s not forget the giant inflatable eye that adorned the stage behind drummer Brian Chase.

The encore of Wednesday’s show brought a slow acoustic version of Maps to the audience, who couldn’t help but serenade each other. But the show didn’t end on slow note. O Busted into “Honeybear” and “Date with a Night.”

The energy was electric, it was the kind of the show you feel like you just might have a heart attack, it’s that good. Those of you have seen The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on one of the 208 past shows of this tour know what we are talking about.

Those of you who haven’t, you have 24 more chances to catch them. Next stop Lollapalooza in Chicago on August 8. Don’t miss it.

–Caroline Shaheed, Managing Editor


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