Calm, Cool, and Collected: Jeremy Laing’s Fall/Winter 2009 Campaign

Image from

Image from

Jeremy Laing flawlessly captured Fall/Winter 2009 in a structured and whimsical glory with his collection. Laing’s recent Fall/Winter 2009 campaign will have industry professionals and fashion apostles fawning over his work. 

The campaign shot by Chadwick Tyler, showcasing Canadian model Heather Marks just dropped the week of August 3, 2009. The dramatic black and white photographs feature some of his most rousing designs‹: theatrical high collared coats and graceful flowing dresses.

Despite Laing’s take-no-prisoners attitude towards fashion, his Fall/Winter 2009 campaign is rather tranquil. Tyler makes good use of negative space to balance the hard lines of the collection with the whitewashed abyss of the portraits. Marks’ tempestuously tossed glances highlight the best feature of the shots: the clothing, bien sur!

Laing delivered his collection with a get-up-and-go attitude, combining unlikely elements of fierce structured silhouettes and playful girly sentiments. Much of Laing’s collection is reminiscent of military outfitting ‹which might be a throwback to his upbringing on a military base in Germany‹ with sharp shoulders and long black coats.

Laing describes the collection as inspired by, “building, forging… and elements of welding, industrial materials, steel workers, public works projects [and] safety design,” to Obscure, unlikely, we love it.

Take a look at the video of the Fall/Winter 2009 show below, and prepare to swoon.

-Cora Nijhawan


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