Chris Boardman’s Bike is Harder, Better, Faster and, yes, Stronger

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Rhode Scholars, meet your match… in bike form. Chris Boardman—1992 Olympic cycling athlete—unveiled a design for the bike of the future. The only snag is that you have to wait 20 years to get your paws on this fine piece of carbon fiber.

The bike will feature spoke-less wheel and puncture-proof tires for those of you who live on the wild side (or maybe just park your bike on the wrong side of town every so often). A digital counter on the handlebars will calculate how many calories the rider is burning with every rotation of the pedal. And speaking of pedals, if you get tired, let the sun do the legwork; the optional solar-powered pedals are perfect for the way home.

In case all of this isn’t quite enough to make it to your 2029 wish list, Boardman’s design is neighbour-envy proof. The bike is equipped with a fingerprint pad so that no one but the owner can foot these pedals. Now that’s just straight up James Bond.

Just one thing: where’s the GPS? Good thing they have two decades to work on design revisions.

-Cora Nijhawan


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