Blofield: Lighter Than Air

Dutch company Blofield has taken inflatable furniture to a whole new level of luxury. These aren’t your usual tacky blow-up chairs in an array of neon colours. These are high design chesterfield style chairs, sofas, and loveseats. They are easily inflated and home ready within five minutes.

The well thought out design is created from the same materials used in life rafts; so they can survive the outdoors. Whether it’s camping, to the beach, or used on a patio, the furniture goes wherever you go.

The sofas perfectly resemble a plump chesterfield, despite the plastic appearance and are available in a variety of colours. The chairs and love seats are spacious and can comfortably seat one to two, while the couch can fit up to three people. These blow-up beauties are sophisticated, stylish, and just the thing to give a living room a playful twist.

–Madelyne Beckles


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