Natalia Brilli: Opacity

Designer Natalia Brilli breaks the boundaries of baggage with her collection of leather accessories and luggage. Brilli’s aesthetic is to create bags that subtly show their contents and reveal their purpose. A wallet with an array of 3-D coins and credit cards on the front looks like it has been dipped in leather and is one of her most recognizable pieces. Similar items include laptop cases with keyboards carved out, a leather cuff that looks like a watch, and a sunglass case with an imprint of the shades.

But, it’s not all bags; sculptural jewellery and accessories are covered in black matte lambskin. Scarves, headphones, necklaces and bike helmets are clean and modern after being enclosed in leather. Brilli creates accessories that are cheekier as well, such as leather covered dominos and skateboards. For a more simple approach, plain leather backpacks and tote bags are also part of the collection.

In the past year, Brilli has created a life size skeleton rock band covered in leather, complete with guitars drums and a microphone. This sculpture has become infamous and has appeared in trendy store fronts around the world—New York, Paris and Hong Kong—to name a few. Natalia Brilli might just be crowned ‘The Queen of Leather’

–Madelyne Beckles


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