Canucks dress up sex appeal in leather and knits

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Todd Lynn and Mark Fast designs are straight out of London fashion, but both designers were born and bred in Canada. The two have very different design aesthetics, which is evident their collections, but each of these Canucks have captivated audiences at London’s Fashion Week.

Lynn’s collection is full of soft leathers and velvets dripping over Louboutins. The collection is lush with furs, chains and beads accompanying perfectly tailored garments.

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His collection is a beautiful fusion of fabrics and detail. Lynn creates classic pieces that ooze sensuality in rock hard androgynous chic with capes of white safafox, black wool crepe jackets, cotton and beading accents.

Picture a woman slithering in leather and demanding attention with prominent shoulders and body hugging tailoring and you will picture a Todd Lynn lady. “Fearless with a heartful of rock‘n’roll” is how he puts it on his website, a fitting description if we have ever seen one.

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With fans like Bono, Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Courtney Love commissioning bespoke outfits from Lynn, his name is one that is on the rise.

Leathers aside, let’s talk knit. Magic knit you could say: knit that contours the body and hugs the curves of a woman in the most unforgiving way. Mark Fast knits every garment by hand on a domestic knitting machine. Fast puts his sweat and creativity into each piece of his widely received collections.

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His garments wrap the body like an intricate cobweb, allowing movement with endless use of Lycra yarn, angora, wool viscose paired with his well-developed innovative stitching techniques.  Using elastomeric yarns, which is known for its elastic component leaves the garment to sneak back to original form after every wear.

His futuristic tendencies, and classic inspirations create interesting aspects in every piece, and making you feel like you’re parading around in contemporary art.  Splashes of bright colours are dimmed by heavy grays and black tones keeping the style as well as its fabric, flexible.

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“It’s time for a rebellion against safeness”, proclaims Fast on offering a refreshing outlook for fashions creative future.  Fringe detail, knitted velvet, boleros, Fast uses external elements to redefine the mini for Fall.  With an excess of creativity, Fast plans to collaborate with Tim Burton in the creation of costumes for upcoming productions.

Whether its leathers you fancy, or the soft feel of knitwear against your skin, these unique Canadian imports can be found at various international retailers.

–Lauren Shirreffs


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