Coconut Records

Jason Schwartzman. Image from

Jason Schwartzman. Image from

What do you get when you combine funny man Jason Schwartzman with a Moleskine and a guitar? Indie band Coconut Records. Its 2009 release, ‘Davy’ has been pumping out singles throughout the spring and summer and mixes 80s and 90s influences for a thoroughly modern mash.

The summer 2009 single, “Microphone,” is a hit on the new record: it’s retro-inspired and utterly danceable. Though the riffs are poppy, don’t be fooled: the lyrics are pure rock ‘n’ roll: “What if I was young/What if I was younger.” Makes us think a bit of Wilco, as does Schwartzman’s mellow croon.

Although the album was released in January, a song like “Microphone,” is best enjoyed while taking an afternoon stroll in the summer sun, or with a glass of sangria.

Another notable piece on ‘Davy’ is “Any Fun,” whose homemade video launched this summer and will certainly carry us into our fall tweeds and knits. Despite being rooted in indie rock, the song has a near-ballad quality with a side order of remorse.

Check out the video below, and please note the glockenspiel – it’ll make your day.

On a side note, ‘Davy’ is Coconut Records second album, the first, ‘Nighttimers’, was released in 2007 and is equally kick-ass. Check out “West Coast” for a little sampling.

-Cora Nijhawan

Image from

Image from


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  1. Ruby

    Excellent article! Love the video too!

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