Peter Jansen’s Mobile Men

Dutch artist Peter Jansen can’t stop moving. The idea behind his sculpture series ‘Human Motion’ is to capture human movement in time and space in a single frame.  Sculptures look as though they are moving in front of a black light; you can see every frame in which their body parts move. Jansen’s previous work was all about open spaces, free of matter and weight, but he now focuses on creating energetic spaces by using shapes of the human body; driven by the science of transposition.

Jansen’s sculptures are cast in polyamide, chrome, bronze and silver. The movements range from mundane tasks like running, and descending stairs; to more advanced steps like a dancer’s arabesque, to karate kicks. Jansen’s true understanding for movement comes from his degree in physics and philosophy. This is evident in the amount of detail shown in the work; you can see every single position made to achieve the final movement.

Jansen still resides in the Netherlands, but his work is set to travel to the New York gallery Moss this year.

–Madelyne Beckles

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