Polaroids and Pulp

Put your nose up to a Polaroid and you can nearly smell 1969.

Which might be what inspired photographer Neil Krug and supermodel Joni Harbeck explore the Polaroid on the brink of its extinction. Their new book, ‘Pulp’, is a union of fashion and art, darkness and light, vintage and modern. It is in essence a collective appreciation of two decades of empowerment and societal changes that neither one is old enough to have experienced.

Sexy and raw images in muted hues are the collaborative force in the 200 images of the book, which will be available in late August 2009.  Pulp is made to resemble old-school paper back covers and LPs, with a hippy- psychedelic.

Desert surroundings and western backdrops drip of moisture and place the viewer in the car seat next to the Polaroid’s very subject.



Unified by a generation past, the images are split in to several vignettes:  spaghetti western, struggles of a 1950’s housewife, and Bonnie-Clyde feel.  Exploring surrealism and spirituality by placing the viewer in a dream world of blurry images, gun smoke, feathered head dresses and mirrored naked images.



Channel your inner hippy and flip through this mesmerizing bohemian exposition of the creative eye of both Neil Krug, and his smoldering muse Joni Harbeck.

– Lauren Shirreffs


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