Tennis Reclaimed: Hugh Hayden

Hugh Hayden. Image from

Hugh Hayden. Image from

When it comes to recycled home wares, it seems like everyone from Brazil to Poland is jumping on board. But Hugh Hayden is one of those furniture designers that grabs your attention and won’t let it go.

The American designer’s most recent collection of reclaimed tennis balls as chairs and tables take the cake for refreshing, quirky and dare we say – cheeky – furniture.

Hayden created a vibrant installation of the retired tennis ball furniture in the Hayden-Harnett store in Manhattan’s Nolita. The display will run until August 27, 2009.

Hayden’s previous projects include FUNiture, a creation of furniture out of environmentally conscious children’s playroom balls—à la McDonald’s play place. These balls were fashioned out of non-toxic, repurposed low-density polyethylene.

The foray into the use of tennis balls as a form of design expression seemed only natural after FUNiture for this architecture graduate from Cornell. With his most recent collection, however, Hayden created contemporary pieces that say ‘urban funk’ more than ‘upscale playhouse’.

Hayden strives to both entice the mind as well as heighten the user experience with his art. As his website says, “Hayden believes this user dialog isn’t only limited to the physical realm, but must also mentally stimulate and excite the mind.”

-Cora Nijhawan

Tennis Ball chair. Image from

Tennis Ball chair. Image from

FUNiture armchair. Image from

FUNiture armchair. Image from


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  1. So cool!! Oh my gosh, they are awesome and actually look pretty comfy. This is such a neat idea.

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