Wild Beasts: Two Dancers

Image from guardian.co.uk

Image from guardian.co.uk

Wild Beasts’ rock vocals, harmonious blends and recurrent beats have been making headlines ever since their second album, ‘Two Dancers’, dropped on August 3, 2009.

“Affecting, audacious, captivating of fantastical flourishes, it’s an album to champion ‘til all superlatives are spent,” raved clashmusic.com in response to the new release. They also gave the album nine out of 10 stars.

Wild Beasts certainly produce a distinct sound, especially with lead vocalist Hayden Thorpe’s voice straddling the line between masculine and feminine.  The sixth and seventh track, are variations on the same song—‘Two Dancers’—and switches between high pitch songbird to rock roughness from track to track. The play on the song encourages listeners to both dance along and zone right out as the album flips tunes. Effectively fusing such styles is tricky, but Wild Beasts present the mash up beautifully.

Arty, fresh and unafraid, Wild Beasts cite Timbaland as an influence and have recorded with pop producers in Sweden. They are a version of modern alternative.

Wild Beasts’ track, ‘Hooting and Howling’ off the new album might start out leisurely, but will surely have you on your feet in two minutes flat. Thorpe’s voice both captivates and takes you on a elegiac journey through the band’s sound sequences. Check out the song and video below.

-Lauren Shirreffs and Cora Nijhawan


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