Nikki Farquharson’s Pretty Patterns

Nikki Farquharson is a young emerging artist that everyone should be taking a second look at. Farquharson presents illustrations in colourful markers with found images in her series of ‘Mixed Media Girls.’

Images of girls are intigrated into her drawings in a cut and paste fashion. Surrounding these images are extremly detailed and precise doodles of zig zags, polkadots and lines–anything cute and tiny– in an abstract patteren filled with multiple neon colours.

Farquharson focuses on colour, pattern and typography by standards of inspiration, which is instantly evident in her work. She doesn’t limit herself to one medium either, photography, screen printing and collaging are all part of her artistic language. Her work is Inventive and unpredictable which are two of the main ingrediants in becoming a success in the art world.

–Madelyne Beckles


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