Next Stop: Montreal’s Fantasme

Montreal has been toted Canada’s fashion Mecca, and for good reason, recently some of its most innovative artists and designers came together for Fantasme—a one-of-a-kind fashion show at the Darling Foundry on August 20, 2009. Fashion met art for this collaborative event headed by conceptual designer Andrew Ly and London-based jewelry designer Melissa Matos.

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This event showcased both designers’ collections and highlighted film maker, Kevin Calero’s captivating film “Polet” of dark minimalist imagery.

“To me fashion is an installation of the body and a mood. Whether it be masculine, feminine, androgynous, powerful or what ever it may be,” explains Ly to “I really wanted my character to be a little bit of it all… as you can see he is very powerful looking and very strong but at the same putting on a chiffon kimono style dress on him did not make him look feminine but touches of it and still maintaining his identity. Playing with gender and the illusion of what man/woman should be in a stereotypical way is not interesting to me. Mixing it all was a great challenge and attractive.”

Together with Melissa Matos, the creative director and designer of jewelry/clothing label Powerhaus, Ly decided to showcase their creative strengths in Montreal after years of photo shoots and collaborations.

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“Montreal’s fashion scene to me is one of the better scenes in Canada. Having moved from Calgary Alberta to Montreal was a breath of fresh air. It’s a city where no one really cares what you do or how you do it.  You are free to express yourself.” Ly expresses in an interview with

Both designers edge on avant-garde, incorporating themes of cycling, balance and ephemera. The Darling Foundry proved to be a successful venue, as its open concept and airy atmosphere lent to the energetic flow of the evening.

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Keep your eye on Montreal as it continues to emerge as Canada’s fashion capital, and keep your other eye on the riveting films and collection that have emerged from this event.  One can only hope that this power team is working out the details of their next cool must-see event.  Stay tuned.

–  Lauren Shirreffs


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