James Piatt: Tough Totes

The latest new accessory? Something to shake things up when strut down the street. That’s exactly what designer James Piatt is doing with his controversial handbags. With his designs you can hold your personal belongings in a gun, an abandoned infant or even a dead dog.

Piatt takes an in-your-face approach with his laser cut bags.  The most lethal would be the rifle shaped ‘Persuader’—it screams “Don’t screw with me.”  The next is an ode to Paris Hilton’s beloved pooch Tinkerbelle, this clutch is an upside-down Chihuahua with x’s for the eyes—poking fun at the accessory pooch trend.Another blunt bag would be the ‘Foundling’ which is made to look like an abandoned child. For a more humble approach, there’s a sleek handbag with brass knuckles for handles.

Piatt’s goal is to create extreme classics. Goal met.

–Madelyne Beckles


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Filed under Fashion, Jewelry/Accessories

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