Mew: Electric Feel

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When Mew dropped No More Stories last week, ears perked up all over the world. We’re falling over ourselves for this Danish band when it comes to their straight-up electro tracks, and their fifth album is a definitive step up for the group. Songs like ‘Hawaii’ have been captivating the attention of NME and Pop Matters, not to mention us over at

“Always inventive, often beautiful and occasionally totally sublime,” raves NME of the band, and of the new album.

We say slip on ‘Introducing Palace Players’ for something that does upbeat drone almost as well as Radiohead. The layered drum intro heads into a dramatic, heavily synthesized bridge that reminds us of Harlem Shakes. ‘Beach’ is an 80s reminisce, but the thick electric guitar riffs paired with strings update the style. Lyrics like “Save yourself tonight / Asleep in the dark / I hope we’re on time” make us wonder if this is what Bon Iver would sound like if he had a steamy affair with an amp.

Lead guitarist Bo has claimed that Mew is “the world’s only indie stadium band”, and we’re not in total disagreement – these guys would surely be killer live. In addition to the stellar track list, Mew has detailed the exploits of the making of “No More Stories” in episodic videos. Check out our favourite one below, along with a couple videos, and keep an eye on the band’s website for tour dates.

Here’s hoping your local DJ throws Mew into the mix this weekend.

-Cora Nijhawan


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