Polvo’s Comeback

Image from pitchfork.com

Image from pitchfork.com

When a band hasn’t released anything since Britney Spears came on the scene, one might wonder if they’ll get their groove back in time for the next decade. But with In Prism, guitar band Polvo has brought back their game – and how.

It would be pointless to talk about In Prism without mentioning the nearly nine-minute-long track, “A Link in the Chain”. This album closer is regal, with a hymn-like opening that leads directly into pure electric guitar riffing, accompanied by vocals that scratch in all the right places. When the front man’s croons, “There’s a pain that makes me want to call your name / When I wake up to another day” in a scuffy baritone, we can’t help but think of Eddie Vedder’s vocal style. Despite heavy lyrics, Polvo keeps it light throughout this piece with a gentle kind of rock that makes you want to put the album on repeat as soon as the song is through. The vibe of this particular track is purely alternative, and in a day where indie and electro seem to be dominating the scene – balanced only by overproduced bubble gum pop – this kind of sound is more than welcome in our iTunes library.

At times, the track sounds like background music for an indie film, and may get a little repetitive in the first half, but after the 4:30 mark, the tune takes a short outro before launching back into 90s rock reminisce, giving Jacob Dylan a run for his dad’s money.

“City Birds”, meanwhile, shows signs of Polvo’s earlier work that made them well known as a guitar band. The opening makes us think of the good old days of grunge, as do many of the other tracks on the album. While the song is overall lively, some of the background keyboards compensate with intricacies that leave a distinct flavour; this band may be largely alternative, but they know their way around a soundboard. With lines like “Always the same / Life is arranged”, this stuff is relatable and cryptic, with just enough bass on the side.

-Cora Nijhawan

Polvo. Image from audiozine.com

Polvo. Image from audiozine.com


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