Bird Song: Nendo

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When it comes to gadgets, we are of the belief that aesthetic appeal ranks second only to functionality. Tokyo design team Nendo has come out with a system that doubles as sophisticated interior design; a birdcage-shaped wireless bluetooth speaker system. Say that three times fast.

With technology becoming more streamlined and eye catching every day, you can’t swing a set of headphones without hitting an artsy tech object or a clothing designer collaboration with an electronics company. And while not all that shimmers is gold, Nendo has hit the proverbial bull’s eye with the music-cage.

The speaker is not only gorgeous, it also allows you to listen to music from a mobile phone, computer, or any bluetooth accessory. You can hang the music-cage from your ceiling light fixture, or simply plug it into the wall for power. No muss, no fuss.

Nendo has the motto of of “Giving people a small “!” moment every day”. An enthusiastic team, the players behind the company have a portfolio that include chic chewing gum packaging, Issey Miyake store designs and antler-shaped lounge chairs – just to name a few. That’s a varied resume if we’ve ever seen one.

Check out their company website to find out more about the music-cage as well as the innovative team behind it.

-Cora Nijhawan

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