Not Your Typical T-Shirt: Mashallah Designs & Linda Kostowski

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Trust us when we say you’ll never look at your plain gray t-shirt the same way again. Mashallah Design and artist Linda Kostowski have joined creative forces to give architectural fashion a new meaning with the T-Shirt Issue. Using digital portraits, the designers create t-shirt installations that mimic their subject in three dimensional form. The result is a commentary on human nature, the human body, and the ever-expanding limits of fashion.

For this particular installation, three people were scanned and the 3D files from this process were then reinterpreted into 2D sewing patterns using a common industrial folding function. The edges were softened with a laser cutter, and then composed into the final product of the t-shirts that make up this impressive display. This kind of art is, in a word, captivating – the wolf figure in “Markus” shows us an animalistic interpretation of human nature, while the “Linda” piece focuses on the structure of the human torso.

-Cora Nijhawan


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