Green All the Way: Stockholm Named Green Capital of The EU

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Competition always seems to spark performance, so what better way to encourage going green than to create an award for the ‘greenest’ city? 

We have to commend the the EU for being way ahead of the curve on this one: they recently awarded Stockholm with the European “GREEN Capital” award for 2010. 

The award is given to the city that has a record of achieving high environmental standards, is committed to future improvement and development and is a strong role model for other European cities – three things Stockholm consistently rocks. It’s impressive that 95% of Stockholm’s residents live within 300 meters of green areas, not many cities can boast that. And how about the fact that the city plans to be fossil fuel-free by 2050? Not only is that an extremely bold goal, but it’s one that the city appears to be on track to achieving.

A favourite Stockholm green fact is that residents can shop with a conscience at boutiques that run on renewable energy and sell a wide variety of fair-made apparel. It’s no surprise that the city was able to beat out over 30 competitors. 

Although being 100% green is still an ideal, Stockholm certainly sets an ambitious standard for all cities – European or not – to aspire to. It’s also jumped up our list of places to visit.

-Alexa Gray

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