In Memory of one of our finest: Hamish Kippen

Hamish Kippen surrounded by his work

Hamish Kippen surrounded by his work

Today is a bitter/sweet day over here at the CHEEK offices. Today we remember and celebrate the life and work of one of our all time favourite contributors: Hamish Kippen.

October 1st will kick off a month long exhibit of Hamish’s work at Toronto’s Great Hall and will launch a book of his best work titled Hamish Kippen. Part of the proceeds of the book will be donated to DAREarts which stands for Discipline, Action, and Responsibility in Education and was founded to help Canadian children find positive alternatives to negative influences in their communities though a five-year arts education program that complements Canadian elementary schools.

Hamish was one of the most talent photographers we have ever come across and working with him was always a pleasure for everyone at CHEEK. Unfortunately Hamish passed much too young last year, at only 21. But tonight and for the rest of the month we will be celebrating his life and work with his family, friends, clients and fans.

–Caroline Shaheed, Managing Editor


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