All-night Art: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2009


If you’re a Torontonian art-lover, you’re probably already counting down hours to Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, this weekend’s annual all-night art event. For those of you in the blue about this “white-night”

Nuit Blanche is a night when the city is transformed into surprises around every corner and magic in your own backyard. All. Night. Long.

Running from dusk until dawn this October 3-October 4, 2009, the event will showcase 130 public and free exhibitions and welcome over a million revelers. From installation to performance art, the city will be transformed into a veritable gallery where wanderers are urged to participate in the engaging art that surrounds them. Installation pieces of this kind, especially in public air, encourage viewers to become a part of the art by placing themselves within its framework. In the case of Nuit Blanche, viewers and participants are able to easily draw on personal experience and emotion from the art having physically inserted themselves into its realm. Simply put, slip on your most comfortable shoes, make a flask of hot chocolate, and get to it: Nuit Blanche waits for no one.

If you’re in over your head about where to go first, head to City Hall, where D.A. Therrien’s light installation “4 Letter Word Machine” will blow you away. Situated 65m above ground between the two city hall towers, the exhibit features a 7-meter-long alphanumeric quartz lamp with the ability to show over four billion combinations of letters and words. Check out what he has to say and then keep on wandering – who knows what you’ll find next?

Oh, and for all you iPhone users, new this year is a Nuit Blanche application, ‘Night Navigator’, which is free to download and will help you navigate your way around the art all-nighter with ease as well as flag your favourites of the night. The app is chock-full of information, and will even help you find exhibits that are close by using GPS.

Image from

Image from

With shops, restaurants and public transit extending their hours on Saturday night, everyone in Toronto seems to be getting in the festive mood. The only downside to the evening is trying to squeeze everything you want to see into a mere 12 hours.

-Cora Nijhawan



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3 responses to “All-night Art: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2009

  1. Toni

    Cora – I’m a big fan of “Nuit Blanche”, but your article makes it that much more tantalizing! I loved your systematic approach and helpful hints – they’ll come in handy.

    Many thanks for this great, well-written article!

  2. JP

    I wish could be there too…!
    JP, North Carolina

  3. Ruby

    Great article! I was not able to make it to Nuit Blanche this year and going through your article made me realize what a blunder that was. Will definitely catch it next year!

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