Putting Style First: Burdifilek’s W-Hotel in Atlanta

Image from yatzer.com

Image from yatzer.com

The newly opened W-hotel in Atlanta is bringing luxury, style, and sensuality to the booming capital of Georgia. Designed by Canadian design duo Burdifilek, this new W-hotel stays true to the magnificence of a designer hotel, and the Canuck team has added naturalistic elements to the mix that make the hotel simply avant garde.

In true W style, glitz and glamour meet comfort in downtown Atlanta. The hand-carved walnut wall and stone floor in the entrance lend an art gallery feel, and the adjacent living room is anything but your normal den: it features a 35,000 piece leaf-mobile, a waterfall, and lush armchairs in textured shades like deep chocolates and blues.

Image from yatzer.com

Image from yatzer.com

It doesn’t stop there: when it comes to the guest rooms, Burdifilek chose a rich accent colour palate of teal, purple, and plum, and a spa bathroom that boasts Makassar wood with a shower that overlooks the sumptuous room. The team is well versed in style; they have designed Club Monaco stores in New York City, Brown Thomas in Dublin and Holt Renfrew in Toronto. Moving into the hospitality industry for the first time with the W-Hotel, Burdifilek combine its trendy fashion-forward thinking with an eye for comfort and ritz.

Extravagant? Perhaps. But luxury has its place and if you’re up for spending a pretty penny on your next vacation, or happen to land yourself in this swanky accommodation on a business trip, it’s good to know you’ll be in manicured hands.

-Cora Nijhawan

Image from yatzer.com

Image from yatzer.com

Image from yatzer.com

Image from yatzer.com


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