Working Overtime with Oversize Watches

Cartier. Image from

Cartier. Image from

It’s not easy to tell if a trend will be sticking around for a few years or just passing by for a season; you might recall sequins vests, milkmaid braids, and bean bag chairs. But when oversize watches started making their way from the runway to the masses, something in the perfumed air of fashion said that this fad was something to keep an eye on. Sure enough, three seasons later, oversize watches are alive and… yes, ticking.

Some of the best in show for flashy time pieces include those from Toy Watch, Philip Stein, Michael Kors, and of course – Cartier. The combination of black and gold is particularly eye-catching for this season, and the bracelet-meets-watch is done exceptionally well with a thick gold or stainless steel band. Waiting for the bus has never looked so glamorous.

Michael Kors. Image from

Michael Kors. Image from

Philip Stein. Image from

Philip Stein. Image from

Form and function are second only to peanut butter and jam when it comes to best combination, and the oversize watch is an undoubtedly useful piece of jewelry. This fall, cut your dressing time in half by leaving behind your bangles and cocktail rings – just strap on a glitzy watch and you’re good to go.

-Cora Nijhawan

Toy Watches. Image from

Toy Watches. Image from


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