All I Really Want Is: Girls

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Although the indie scene can be a fickle part of today’s music industry, with “it” bands popping up daily and seemingly out of no where, every so often an album comes along and creates the kind of contagious energy that’s hard not to catch. Such is the case with Girls. The buzz around their latest release, ‘Album’ runs deep; Pitchfork rated them a staggering 9.1, and the album seems to be on the playlists and turntables of everyone who is anyone.

Part of the success of Girls may lie in how simply listener-friendly the sound of the San Francisco band is. The voice of frontman Christopher Owens is catchy, haggard in all the right places, and the lyrics are unfettered. Elusive and engrossing, ‘Album’ is magnificent.

Girls combine Beach Boy-inspired pop with Brit-rock for a raging success. “Laura” sounds like “Brown Eyed Girl”, although a little more cynical than Van Morrison ever intended. The album has a beach party feel, but the gravity of some of the lyrics bring it back to the streets.

Just to keep your Brian Wilson comparisons in check, a guitar solo during a particularly hard-hitting song called “Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker” reminds us that this ain’t no beach party; this is millennial heartbreak. During “Lust for Life,” it becomes apparent that the band banks on the ironic; the song is full of cliches, albeit chewed up and spit out. When Owen croons, “I wish I had a suntan / I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of a wine / I wish I had a beach house”, it almost doesn’t matter how facetious he is being – the song is just that good. Plus, Owens caps the phrase with “Yeah, I’m just crazy / and fucked in the head”. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap.

Check out the video for “Lust For Life” below and find out when Girls are coming to a concert venue near you here.

-Cora Nijhawan

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