Best of LG Fashion Week

So Toronto’s LGFashion Week Beauty By L’Oreal ended a few weeks ago, and now that we have had the chance to process the shows, there was of course some hits among more than a few misses.

But why waste time talking about the misses, let’s focus on the good stuff. Eight designers really stuck out for us this time with the presentation of their Spring/Summer 2010 collections.

Philip Sparks

PSparks-4 fashion

Image from

Philip Sparks is a man who likes to flaunt his Canadian roots, and let us tell you, it works. The inspiration for his latest collection was cottage life and 1950s Canadian Pacific Railway getaway ads and his resulting pieces of modern design and classic tailoring, left a strong sense of nostalgia. Sparks worked with textile designer Kerry Croghan to create his Gone Fishing print which was prominent throughout the collection. Menswear has never looked so good.

Greta Constantine

greta constantine shedoesthecity

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Form fitting cuts and leather were staples in Greta Constantine’s latest collection. The line which was dominated by dark basics was full of bondage and punk influences leaving you feeling edgy and slightly bad. How fun.

Rita Liefhebber

liefhebber- torontotextstyles.blogspot

Image from

On October 20th, Rita Liefhebber, former editor of Flare, showcased her premier collection. The colours were delicious, with a palette of grey, black and punches of sea-foam and the presentation was as unique as the clothing with the models standing in two rows for the entirety of the show. We definitely recommend keeping a close eye on  Liefhebber.

Romona Kaveza


Image from

The 10th anniversary collection of Romona Kaveza featured the designer’s line of evening wear and couture bridal gowns. Each gown made excellent use of colour and cut and the wedding gowns certainly brought many a childhood fantasy to mind.

Lucian Matis

LMatis1-national post

Image from

Medieval head pieces and lavish accessories ruled Lucien Matis’s latest collection. The cohesive and innovative collection was full of silky textures, elegance and soft colours. The models possessed an almost surreal aura, looking as if they belonged in a different time and space. And the way Matis played different finishes and textures off each other was, simply put, beautiful.

Evan Biddel

Anyone who hands out earplugs before their show begins is certainly looking to make an impression and Project Runway Canada winner Evan Biddell did just that. With its fantasy meet sci-fi meet urban elegance, Biddel’s collection was fun, interesting and edgy. Most exciting was the versatility of the well constructed garments which could just as easily be dressed up with heels or down with worn in Chuck Taylors.

Pink Tartan


Image from

The always anticipated Pink Tartan collection surpassed expectation with it’s flawless nonchalant glamour. The collection was pretty and elegant, and refreshingly wearable immediately off the runway. Dominated by dresses, daytime sequins, comfortable looking trousers and tops with shoulder details like visible shoulder pads, the collection had an overall preppy feel with a delightful aftertaste of understated glamour.

– Alexa P Gray

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