Khaisman Proves Tape Can Be Beautiful

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Mark Khaisman, a talented artist who works with the strange yet innovative medium of packing tape, is currently showing three exhibitions in Philadelphia.

Khaisman uses various sizes of tape as his brushes—two inch strips are used like a wide brush and so on. He experiments with density, textures and layers to create his desired depth and shadows. His canvases are light-sourced, and upon illumination his intricately placed tape pieces become shockingly detailed images.

Khaisman’s subject matter largely consists of cultural icons, recognizable as classics across western culture. His current exhibition Tape Noir in the Philadelphia International Airport is a collection of scene stills from the film noir genre.  He recreates scenes from the Hitchcock thrillers The 39 Steps and Spellbound as well as Samuel Fuller’s Pickup on South Street with his unusual medium.

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“As passengers experience the exhibition, they are taken in by the artist’s imaginative use of such a common material and the skillful manner in which he manipulates the packing tape into recognizable images. It’s exciting to watch as they realize what the artist has been able to create out of ordinary tape,” said Exhibitions Director Leah Douglas, in a press release.

The exhibition is surprisingly beautiful despite the seemingly plain material used.  Khaisman is able to create an impressive amount of detail using only tape and light.  Khaisman’s innovative use of a household item is worth taking a look at.

Khaisman was born in Kiev, Ukraine and studied architechture at the Moscow Architectural Institute.  He now lives and works as an artist in Philadelphia.

In addition to Tape Noir, Khaisman’s work can also be admired in two other exhibitions. His work can be viewed in Mirror Mirror at the BYU Museum in Provo, Utah and at Urban Outfitters in the Naval Yard in Philadelphia in Assuming a Posture.

Visit for online galleries of Khaisman’s past work and more information about the artist.

-Emily English

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