Fashionably Covered-Up

In the world’s most populous Muslim country, fashion shows little skin.

Dwi Iskandar for Jakarta Fashion Week '08. Photo by Lisa Maree Williams courtesy of

On November 14, Indonesia will bring its fully-clothed models to the forefront for the third annual Jakarta Fashion Week.

This year’s fashion week includes more than 60 designers who will celebrate traditional Indonesian fabrics and feature collaborative designs by Indian designers, Tarun Tahiliani and Malini Ramani, and Indonesian designers, Priyo Oktaviano and Sebastian Gunawan.

Priyo Oktaviano for Jakarta Fashion Week '08. Photo by Lisa Maree Williams courtesy of

“Two renowned fashion designers from India will use Indonesian fabrics for their designs and two Indonesian designers will do the same using Indian fabrics,” Svida Alisjahbana, the Chief Festival Coordinator, told the Jakarta Post.

While Muslim morals and fashion seem an odd combination to Western mindsets, the clothes are creative and offer something totally different to the regular fashion week fare.

Such as hijabs.

Here the challenge is to create a stylish veil that succeeds in covering the entire head. Designers play with different fabrics, baubles, beads, prints and ruffles, combining traditional and modern techniques.

APPMI for Jakarta Fashion Week '08. Photo by Lisa Maree Williams courtesy of

Stella Rissa, 23, won the CLEO award for best new designer at last year’s fashion week.

“Indonesians will buy Indonesian products if they are already established outside. Here we are ashamed to wear something without a label,” Rissa told the Jakarta Globe.

Hopefully this year’s cultural fusion fashion week will prove otherwise.

-Otiena Ellwand





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  1. Excellent post! All-around wonderful.

  2. Suuuukaaaaa!!
    Go Indonesian Fashionbiz!

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