High fashion for a Low Budget


image from renttherunway.com

image from renttherunway.com

The holiday season is upon us and party invitations are filling mailboxes everywhere. If your day-planner seems more packed then your wardrobe, you may be left scrounging to find the perfect outfit to flaunt at your next special event.

Finding a fabulous frock is tough enough without the added worry of the damage to your wallet. Luckily, couture rental services are popping up in cities around the globe, offering the opportunity to rent dresses for a fraction of the retail price. These services allow ladies to search through online catalogues of high-end dresses, accessories and handbags.


image from missclarelouise.blogspot.com

image from missclarelouise.blogspot.com

Here’s a look at some of the companies that let customers create runway looks on a budget:

Hush Couture is Canada’s source for rental fashion. Located in Toronto, they will ship across the country. 10% of all rentals and purchases go to Autism Speaks Canada.

England also offers a similar service to style savvy ladies.  Girl Meets Dress rents both purses and dresses to thankful party-goers whose holiday wish is to look trendy and gorgeous.

Rent the Runway is America’s key to couture. The New York based operation has a wide range of designer dresses and a team of stylists to offer advice about fit and accessorizing.

Couture borrowing is becoming a popular option for the fashion conscious population around the globe. Services like these are popping up all over the map, so keep your eyes open for one near you.

-Emily English


image from ethicalstyle.com

image from ethicalstyle.com




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