Alexsandro Palombo: Talent and Cheek


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With so many celebrity and gossip columns dominating todays popular culture it is invigorating to see  a blog that stands out not for its of-the-minute news about Lindsay Lohan but rather for its wit and humour. We’re just disappointed it took us this long to find it. 


Out since September 2009, Humor Chic is Alexsandro Palombo’s daily ‘society portrait blog.’ The blog describes itself as an “an illustrated point of view about fashion, costume, culture, society and celebrity.”  Palombo presents each piece of news is with one of his quircky illustrations that has more meaning than it does black lines. 

Humor Chic is as refreshing as it is entertaining. Palombo shows no mercy, taking on icons from all parts of the world and not exclusive to the fashion industry. Illustrations include Calvin Klein swinging through New York like Tarzan and David Letterman pulling a sly move on Anna Wintour.  He details a day in the life of Karl Lagerfield in seven frames, entitled “Karl’s Journey: the Art of Imagination.” Lagerfeld’s day begins with a UFO sighting by the Eiffel Tower and ends with him walking the red carpet towards said UFO. You can’t help but find yourself agreeing with his entries and appreciating his nonchalant boldness to his tounge-in-cheek approach. 

As Palombo explains, “When I put pencil to paper, I know where I’ll start but I don’t know where I’ll finish.” Kudos to him. 

– Alexa P Gray


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