Creative Zone:Giving nature a modern edge

Creative Zone

UNStudio creative juices overflow again. This year UNStudio won a competition for the best creative zone in Beijing beating out all other competition. The challenge was to create ‘Urbanity in Nature’ near the edge of the Beijing River. UNStudio executed this theme by condensing two individual zones together in an accordion-like fashion, weaving both nature and urban material together.  What you could expect when visiting Beijings creative zone are shops, and craftsmen allowing tourist and residents of Beijing a chance to enjoy the space created by UNStudio, aka taking concept to realitity.  Imagine this all in one space. Two stripes expanding over a 210 sqm area will be defined in the zone, one will be the creation of an Architectural Park ateliers’ and a pavilion will be organized on the basis of the Chinese garden emphasis of  “One View Per Step”.

The second is an amazing park, which UNStudio hope will become an international attraction showcasing the creative and artistic talent that resides in the area. The space surrounding the creative zone is the greenbelt and meant to attract those who want to experience both nature and a place to shop. The greenbelt will be a home to avant garde projects and design practices showcasing their art. Those who inhabit the area will be asked to adhere to the four principles of a product’s “life cycle”- ‘think, develop, produce and sell,’ and will be challenged to create and showcase their goods on-site. The creative zone was made to sustain the environment while adding modern embellishments.

-Melissa Robinson


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